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Viking, Alberta, Canada


Tree: Family Tree
City/Town : Latitude: 53.093821, Longitude: -111.778777


BURAN, Unknown<br>
BURAN, Marie
BURAN, Unknown
BURAN, Marie


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RUZICKA, Albert Rudolph John
RUZICKA, Albert Rudolph John
World War I Draft Card
World War I Draft Registration Card
RUZICKA, Valerian Theodore
RUZICKA, Valerian Theodore
World War I Draft Card
SLAVIK, Vincent John
SLAVIK, Vincent John
Canada to US Border Crossing, Babb, MT, 28 Oct 1939
RUZICKA, Margaret Obituary
RUZICKA, Margaret Obituary
RUZICKA, Helen Obituary
RUZICKA, Helen Obituary
1921 Census of Canada
1921 Census of Canada
Province: Alberta, District No. 12 Victoria, Enumeration Sub-District No. 18 in Iron Creek Municipality, Viking Village, Page 8
1921 Census of Canada
1921 Census of Canada
Province: Alberta, District No. 12 Victoria, Enumeration Sub-District No. 18 in Iron Creek Municipality, Viking Village, Page 9
1921 Census of Canada
1921 Census of Canada
District No. 12 Victoria, Enumeration Sub-District No. 18 in Iron Creek Municipality, Viking Village, Page 15
1921 Census of Canada
1921 Census of Canada
District No. 12 Victoria, Enumeration Sub-District No. 18 in Iron Creek Municipality, Viking Village, Page 16
1921 Census of Canada
1921 Census of Canada
District No. 12 Victoria, Enumeration Sub-District No. 18 in Iron Creek Municipality, Viking Village, Page 17
MERTA, George Obituary
MERTA, George Obituary
RUZICKA, Eugene Obituary
RUZICKA, Eugene Obituary
U.S., Border Crossings from Canada to U.S., 1895-1956
ROSE, Laurence Edward
ROSE, Laurence Edward
British Columbia, Registration of Death


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANTOS, John T. Jr.   I2741 Family Tree 
2 CHILD, Allen   I182 Family Tree 
3 COTTRELL, Patricia   I2483 Family Tree 
4 ROSE, John Joseph  09 Sep 1915Viking, Alberta, Canada I35 Family Tree 
5 ROSE, Laurence Edward William  09 Feb 1908Viking, Alberta, Canada I195 Family Tree 
6 RUZICKA, Charles Anton  07 May 1922Viking, Alberta, Canada I539 Family Tree 
7 RUZICKA, Edward J.  25 Nov 1915Viking, Alberta, Canada I443 Family Tree 
8 RUZICKA, Fredrick   I446 Family Tree 
9 RUZICKA, James Charles  31 Oct 1929Viking, Alberta, Canada I38 Family Tree 
10 RUZICKA, Janelle Rae   I1192 Family Tree 
11 RUZICKA, Shaun Michael   I1191 Family Tree 
12 RUZICKA, Stanley Edward  14 Sep 1944Viking, Alberta, Canada I447 Family Tree 
13 RUZICKA, Valerine Edward  25 Mar 1919Viking, Alberta, Canada I383 Family Tree 
14 RUZICKA, Victor Augustine  12 Aug 1916Viking, Alberta, Canada I331 Family Tree 
15 RUZICKA, Vincent Louis  06 Sep 1923Viking, Alberta, Canada I540 Family Tree 
16 SEVCIK, Gerard   I2482 Family Tree 
17 SLAVIK, Ronald   I1948 Family Tree 
18 SLAVIK, Vincent John  12 Oct 1915Viking, Alberta, Canada I305 Family Tree 
19 STREIT, Anne  20 May 1918Viking, Alberta, Canada I309 Family Tree 
20 WESLEY, Charles Edward   I1373 Family Tree 
21 WESLEY, James Charles  12 May 1935Viking, Alberta, Canada I1371 Family Tree 
22 WESLEY, Joseph Vincent  28 Feb 1915Viking, Alberta, Canada I1354 Family Tree 
23 WESLEY, Maryann Elsa   I1370 Family Tree 
24 WESLEY, Robert Louis   I1372 Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARTA, Mary Sophie  02 Apr 1960Viking, Alberta, Canada I816 Family Tree 
2 MERTA, Wesley George  22 Dec 1957Viking, Alberta, Canada I815 Family Tree 
3 PAIL, Joseph Sr.  06 Jul 1936Viking, Alberta, Canada I749 Family Tree 
4 PRATT, Vernon Charles  05 Jul 2006Viking, Alberta, Canada I1938 Family Tree 
5 RUZICKA, James Charles  17 Feb 2016Viking, Alberta, Canada I38 Family Tree 
6 SANTIN, Mary Anna  22 Jul 1955Viking, Alberta, Canada I1351 Family Tree 
7 SIMON, Helen Mary  01 Aug 2008Viking, Alberta, Canada I445 Family Tree 
8 SLAVIK, Frank Robert  09 Aug 1986Viking, Alberta, Canada I252 Family Tree 
9 SLAVIK, John Louis  20 Feb 1983Viking, Alberta, Canada I251 Family Tree 
10 SLAVIK, Mary  21 Feb 1986Viking, Alberta, Canada I254 Family Tree 
11 SLAVIK, Vaclav John  14 Feb 1938Viking, Alberta, Canada I115 Family Tree 
12 URBAN, Antonia  24 May 1946Viking, Alberta, Canada I116 Family Tree 
13 VOLTNER, Mary Anne  27 Nov 2010Viking, Alberta, Canada I176 Family Tree 
14 WESLEY, Beatrice Elizabeth  30 Aug 1996Viking, Alberta, Canada I1352 Family Tree 
15 WESLEY, Charles John  25 Sep 1958Viking, Alberta, Canada I1353 Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barbara  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I825 Family Tree 
2 BARTA, Mary Sophie  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I816 Family Tree 
3 DOBRY, Agnes  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I1607 Family Tree 
4 HELLMAN, Emily Rose  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I438 Family Tree 
5 LONOWSKI, Kunogunda Dototca  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I3190 Family Tree 
6 MAZANKOWSKI, Albina  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I2796 Family Tree 
7 MAZANKOWSKI, Frank C  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I3189 Family Tree 
8 MAZANKOWSKI, Leana  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I3208 Family Tree 
9 MERTA, Barbara J.  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I3198 Family Tree 
10 MERTA, Emma Anna  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I3201 Family Tree 
11 MERTA, Frank J  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I3200 Family Tree 
12 MERTA, George Frank  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I3199 Family Tree 
13 MERTA, Helen Mary  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I439 Family Tree 
14 MERTA, John  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I824 Family Tree 
15 MERTA, Ludmilla Elizabeth  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I1358 Family Tree 
16 MERTA, Wesley George  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I815 Family Tree 
17 MERTA, William Joseph  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I1357 Family Tree 
18 PAIL, Joseph Sr.  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I749 Family Tree 
19 RUZICKA, Agnes Mary  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I538 Family Tree 
20 RUZICKA, Edward J.  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I443 Family Tree 
21 RUZICKA, John G. H.  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I110 Family Tree 
22 RUZICKA, Louis Anton  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I111 Family Tree 
23 RUZICKA, Louis Valerine  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I444 Family Tree 
24 SANTIN, Mary Anna  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I1351 Family Tree 
25 SLAVIK, Frank Robert  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I252 Family Tree 
26 SLAVIK, James Anthony  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I253 Family Tree 
27 SLAVIK, John Louis  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I251 Family Tree 
28 SLAVIK, Josephine Ann   I306 Family Tree 
29 SLAVIK, Louis   I307 Family Tree 
30 SLAVIK, Mary  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I254 Family Tree 
31 SLAVIK, Vaclav John  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I115 Family Tree 
32 SLAVIK, Vincent John  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I305 Family Tree 
33 STREIT, Anne  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I309 Family Tree 
34 URBAN, Antonia  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I116 Family Tree 
35 WESLEY, Beatrice Elizabeth  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I1352 Family Tree 
36 WESLEY, Charles John  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I1353 Family Tree 
37 WESLEY, James Joseph  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I1355 Family Tree 
38 WESLEY, Joseph Frank  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I257 Family Tree 
39 WESLEY, Joseph Vincent  1921Viking, Alberta, Canada I1354 Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 PRATT, Agnes  1923Viking, Alberta, Canada I1937 Family Tree 
2 SLAVIK, Annie T.  1911Viking, Alberta, Canada I250 Family Tree 
3 SLAVIK, Frank Robert  1911Viking, Alberta, Canada I252 Family Tree 
4 SLAVIK, Mary  1911Viking, Alberta, Canada I254 Family Tree 
5 SLAVIK, Vaclav John  1911Viking, Alberta, Canada I115 Family Tree 
6 URBAN, Antonia  1911Viking, Alberta, Canada I116 Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 SLAVIK, Vaclav John  23 Jun 1931Viking, Alberta, Canada I115 Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CHILD / RUZICKA   F81 Family Tree 
2 KROETCH / RUZICKA   F83 Family Tree 
3 ROSE / STAROBA  10 Jul 1943Viking, Alberta, Canada F21 Family Tree 
4 RUZICKA / BISH   F84 Family Tree 
5 RUZICKA / FREEMAN   F82 Family Tree 
6 RUZICKA / VOLTNER  07 Jun 1956Viking, Alberta, Canada F23 Family Tree 
7 SAGERT / RUZICKA   F80 Family Tree 
8 SLAVIK / GALLAGHER  03 Jan 1928Viking, Alberta, Canada F548 Family Tree 
9 SWOBODA / RUPERT   F528 Family Tree 

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